"Our little Treasure" 0-7 years

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Огромный набор электронных страниц для создания альбома на английском языке!
Our little Treasure - это универсальный набор, он подойдет как для мальчика, так и для девочки, множество тематических страниц помогут в создании альбома на любой вкус

В наборе 96 страниц с разным дизайном, формат Jpeg от 21х21 см до 30x30 см

Титульный All-all-all about our little treasure
Let's start (2)
Your birth
How are you growing
Our family
Medical section
Your monthly development
You are 1-7 years old
All-all-all about 1 year
Mom's notes
At school
Play groups

how we prepared for your appearance
How we prepared 2
photo with a tummy
waiting for a miracle
Ultrasound spot
Birth history
How to choose a name
Hello World!
Discharging from maternity hospital
Early days at home
How are you growing text
First teeth
first lure
learn to crawl
Learn to sit
first steps by the handle
first steps
medical section text
Vaccination calendar
Favorite paws - foot
Favorite paws - palm
On a walk
The very first words
Fun swimming
Your achievements 1
Your achievements 2
You are 1-11 months
You are 1-7 years old
Merry Christmas
Photo merry christmas
First new year
happy new year
Photo happy new year
On the christmas tree
Photo On the christmas tree
First Birthday
first birthday as we noted
The First autumn
The First autumn photo
The First spring
The First spring photo
The First summer
The First summer photo
The First winter
The first winter photo
First trip
favorite games
Our family text
about grandparents
Nursery text
weekdays in the nursery
at school
Play groups text
mom's notes text
Photo (4)
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